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Portland Wants You

Multnomah Falls

Ecola State Park at Cannon Beach, OR

Columbia River Gorge

I-84 from Portland to The Dalles (1.5 hours) is a magnificently beautiful drive along the gorge. You can drive up on the Oregon side and return on the Washington side.  The kind of breathtaking I thought I’d only see on Discovery Channel. 


Portland Mayor Declares Vegan Awareness Weekend

In an official declaration, Portland, OR Mayor Sam Adamsproclaimed the weekend of September 22 to 23, 2012, to be Vegan Awareness Weekend in the City of Roses. The document cites scientific findings from the likes of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Environmental Program, and the American Dietetic Association offering conclusive evidence on livestock’s contribution to climate change, a vegan diet’s potential prevention of world hunger and fuel shortages, and the abundant health advantages associated with a plant-based lifestyle. In addition, the proclamation notes that delicious and nutritious vegan alternatives to animal products are readily available, and Adams says that he “encourage[s] all residents to observe this weekend by eating delicious vegan meals.”

Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek State Park is a 670-acre forest located on the boundaries of Portland and Lake Oswego.

Although the canyon was first logged in the 1880’s, the forest has naturally regrown into a lush stand of red alder, Douglas fir, big leaf maple, and western red cedar. Over 50 species of birds and many small mammals reside in the Park. Tryon Creek, home of crayfish, trout and other aquatic life, is one of the last unobstructed tributaries of the Willamette River in the Portland area and is located within a highly vulnerable watershed due to its urban location. The Park has 14 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails, as well as a Nature Center and open-air shelter that can hold up to 125 people.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

This mile-long park stretches along the Willamette River in Downtown Portland, providing breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. And because of its prime location, the Tom McCall Waterfront Park hosts many of Portland’s special events, including the ever-popular Oregon Brewers Festival and the rowdy Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Plus it’s the perfect spot for a picnic or an afternoon stroll.

McMenamins & Movie Brewpubs

The originator and best purveyor of this concept is local zen hospitality guru McMenamins, a company run by two brothers who specialize in preserving local landmarks and turning them into artful entertainment centers. Some of their most interesting theaters are the Kennedy School, the Mission and the Bagdad.

Portland's Rose Gardens

ARP5K4 International Rose Test Garden. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

One of Portland’s nicknames is the City of Roses, and this town has long been an incubator for the scented beauties. Nearly a century ago, a farsighted citizen convinced the local government to set up a rose test garden during World War I to preserve the species of European roses that might be decimated by the bombings. Thus, in 1917, the International Rose Test Garden was born, and lives on as the oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States. What does that mean for you? If you visit from April through October you can walk among 7,000 luscious rose bushes; June is when they’re most bountiful. The garden is free, open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, and might be a good place to ask someone to marry you. Find walking, driving and public transport directions here.

Historic Old Town/Chinatown

Portland started here.  Today, Old Town includes both the Skidmore Historic District as well as the Historic Japantown New Chinatown District.

Our landmarks are the pride of Portland. The Portland Chinese Classical Garden, the Japanese American Historical Plaza Portland Saturday Market the Oregon Jewish Museum, the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, and the Oregon Maritime Museum welcome visitors from around the world.

Pittock Mansion

About Pittock Mansion: A 16,000-square-foot mansion with 44 rooms (23 which are open to viewing) in Portland’s West Hills that is rooted in history. Visitors can enjoy the architecture, stunning views or the history of the Pittock family. 

What to bring: The Pittock Mansion is a walking tour that can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. Bring your camera - but the staff asks that you do not use tripods. Picnics are welcome on the grounds, so a picnic lunch is welcome.